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MAKAI [muhkahy] adverb Hawaii. toward the sea; seaward.

I chose the word makai for it’s intentional meaning of moving toward the sea, a vast body which impacts our biosphere and human ecosystem. This weblog focuses on architecture and design much like the seas we are continually moving towards and also the impact that architecture and design has on our biosphere and human ecosystem.

I will offer discussions about the following elements of architecture and design that I find thoughtful and provocative. The elements are defined as such:

  • Symmetry: aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance.
  • Asymmetry: lack of balance.
  • Spatial relation: the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated.
  • Complimentary relationship: an affinity where the participants with different behavior patterns do what is in joint interest and sustains the relationship.
  • Modal auxiliary: expressing a distinction of mood, such as that between possibility and actuality. Words include can, could, may, must…

Along with architecture and design discussions, I will write about my process and progress on a house design project that I am currently involved with designing and developing.

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